Cosmetics New Raw Materials Have Added New Ones

Recently, Chenopodium formosanum extract has been announced as a new raw material. This is the 6th new raw material that has been filed since the beginning of 2022. It has been less than half a month since the filing of the new raw material No. 0005. It can be seen that the speed of new raw materials is “new”.

Raw material “adding new”

The Chenopodium formosanum extract registered by Baiyuete Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., with the record number Guozhuangyuan Beizi 20220006, is a new cosmetic raw material derived from characteristic plants.

It is reported that the rich nutritional value of red quinoa has laid the foundation for Chenopodium formosanum extract as a cosmetic raw material. The red quinoa extract has the effect of inhibiting the glycation of collagen, which can reduce the aging caused by the production of glycated collagen in human skin and can be used as a skin protectant Applied to all kinds of cosmetics, its safe use limit is ≤0.7%.

Previously, most of the products focusing on research and development of “red quinoa” were health-care oral liquids. Searching e-commerce platforms, “Red Quinoa Collagen Drink”, “Red Quinoa Fruit and Vegetable Drink” and other products emerge in an endless stream, focusing on promoting collagen production and anti-aging effects. With the successful filing of the new raw material No. 0006, a new door has been opened for the application of raw materials in cosmetics.

The “Regulations on Supervision and Administration of Cosmetics” mentions that the state encourages and supports cosmetics producers and operators to adopt advanced technology and advanced management practices to improve the quality and safety of cosmetics; encourages and supports the use of modern science and technology, combined with my country’s traditional advantageous projects and characteristic plant resources to research and develop cosmetics .

The Chenopodium formosanum extract filed this time is known as the “ruby of grains”, and it is the closest to full-nutrition whole grain crops. The development space and market growth potential in China are worth looking forward to.

12 new raw materials, half of which are made in China

The “Regulations” specify that the state implements classified management of cosmetics and cosmetic raw materials according to the degree of risk. The state implements registration management for new cosmetic raw materials with high risk, and filing management for other new cosmetic raw materials. Since the implementation of the “Regulations on the Registration and Filing of New Cosmetic Raw Materials” on May 1, 2021, to the end of last year, the State Food and Drug Administration has announced 6 new raw materials, 4 of which are domestic raw materials, namely: N- Acetylneuraminic acid, lauroyl alanine, beta-alanyl hydroxyprolyl diaminobutyric acid benzylamine, snow lotus culture.

In the three months from 2022 to the present, the filing information of 6 new raw materials can already be inquired on the official website of the State Food and Drug Administration, indicating that the speed of approval and filing of new raw materials has increased significantly, and the number will gradually increase. Among the 6 new raw materials filed in 2022, domestic raw materials also occupy 4. In addition to the newly filed Chenopodium formosanum extract, there are also Guo Zhuang Yuan Bei Zi No. 20220001, and the dow (Zhangjiagang) Investment Co., Ltd. filed cetyl two. Glycerol tri(trimethylsiloxy)silylethyl polydimethylsiloxane; Guozhuangyuan Beizi No. 20220002 filed by Yaolaifusben Health Technology Co., Ltd., β-nicotinamide mononucleotide, namely The recent hot “NMN”; Momentive (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. filed the national makeup original file No. 20220005, bis-cetearyl amino-terminated polydimethylsiloxane.

Up to now, a total of 12 new raw materials have been filed, which is also the “encouraged release” of cosmetic raw materials under the new regulations.

In recent years, new raw materials for domestic cosmetics have been accelerated. At the same time, under the “Regulations” that open the filing system for new raw materials, the approval rate of new raw materials with less risk is relatively high, which is also another opportunity for domestic raw material suppliers.

The favorable conditions of the policy for new raw materials have allowed the cosmetics industry to innovate and develop from the source, and the rapid development of domestic new raw materials has also filled the entire industry chain with hope. Only by improving product strength and enhancing corporate R&D technology and innovation capabilities will more Premium brand.

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