AppearanceOff-white or light yellow crystalline powder
Specific ExtinctionE288 ≥ 460
 E325 ≥ 290
AssayHPLC≥ 99.0 %
Melting Point140.0℃
Loss on Drying3.0 %
Heavy Metals≤ 5 ppm
Gardner color2.0

Download:COA-BP-4 SAMPLE   MSDS-BP-4

• Water-soluble.
• A secondary UVB absorber with activity in UVA region.
• Protects colorants against fading.
• Helps to protect fragrances and active ingredients against oxidation.
• For anti-aging face care products and sunscreens.
• Max concentration:  6%(EC)    10%(US,AUS,JP)