Nano Zinc Oxide (Nano ZnO)

CAS number: 1314-13-2
Molecular weight: 81.408
Density: 5.6
Boiling point: 2360ºC
Molecular formula: OZn
Melting point: 1975 °C


Description: UVB + UVA, Inorganic, Dispersible Particles, Maximum Concentration 25%

Zinc oxide nanoparticle is an inorganic substance, the chemical formula is ZnO. Insoluble in water, soluble in acids and strong bases.

Zinc oxide nanoparticle is a white powder or hexagonal crystal. Smells, tasteless and sand-free.It turns yellow when heated and turns white again when cooled. It sublimates when heated to 1800℃. The hiding power is half that of titanium dioxide and zinc sulfide. The tinting power is twice that of basic lead carbonate. Zinc oxide nanoparticle is soluble in acid, concentrated hydroxide base, ammonia water and ammonium salt solution, but insoluble in water and ethanol.

Zinc oxide nanoparticle is a famous white pigment, the common name is zinc white. It has the advantage of not being black in the presence of H2S gas because ZnS is also white. When heated, ZnO gradually changes from white and light yellow to lemon yellow, and when cooled, the yellow will recede. Using this characteristic, it is mixed into paint or added to a thermometer to make a color-changing paint or thermometer.